listening to the rough mixes of our new album

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some slo-mo headbanging from last night’s show at Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn, thanks to @the_agent_

Shows this week!

*FREE!* 8/28 - Hank’s Saloon, Brooklyn NY w/ Iced Ink, black river manifesto (

8/30 - Snug Harbor, New Paltz NY w/ It’s Not Night: It’s Space, more (

Upcoming Shows:

8/23 - Let Me Show You Something presents Benefestival, Rickey Farm, Vernon NJ w/ Pigeon, Dead Channels, Hannibal Montana, more (benefit for Dayna Christison) (

8/28 - Hank’s Saloon, Brooklyn NY w/ Iced Ink, black river manifesto (

Photos from our last day of tour with #moontooth in Long Island. Photos by Sean at #Washedupmedia!

Some photos from RPM Fest in Greenfield, MA (Photos by Couchpet Photography)

Just uploaded a long overdue batch of photos to our facebook page- including live shots from our tour, photos from our recording of our new record, and fun tour photos from our week on the road with Moon Tooth.

photos in this post by Jennypix.

7/27 - The Acheron, Brooklyn, NY w/ Blackest, Warm, Autocatalytica (

7/29 - BSP Louge, Kingston NY w/ Clover, Bask, Nothing But Wolves, Harrower ( or


Dead Empires upstairs at Kungfu Necktie with Witch Fist, Moon Tooth and Swarms on July 3rd, 2014. Deep, crushing instrumental 3 piece with a awesome array of pedal work. Really sludgey riffs. Had a Torche vibe going on in the sense of exploding sound. Drummer went ape shit behind his his kit, fucking destroyed those cymbals. Sounds like a bunch dinosaurs eating one big dinosaur.


Check them out on Instagram: @deadempires

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A review of our show in Philly last week. Thank you man!!


Dead Empires is an instrumental band from NY. They played at the Cellar Door in VA and rocked it.

Here’s a clip of us playing “five day death” at the Cellar Door in VA this week!